Year Established : 2018

  • Industry :

    Business Services

  • No. of Employees

    10 - 200

  • Location

    New York, New York

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What is Fluz?

Fluz is the newest, most revolutionary cash back app available. We took the standard cash back model in a fresh and distinct direction, and the result is a potent way to earn serious rewards compared to all of the other now obsolete cash back platforms.

With our proprietary consumer network, you not only earn from your own purchases, but from the purchases of others as well. Once you start forming a larger number of connections in the app, you can earn a residual income that can possibly have a significant impact on your financial standings, all while continuing to shop at the same places you shop at now.

Who is Fluz for?

Fluz is a cash back platform partnering with hundreds of major brands such as Target, Macy’s, Burger King, and thousands of local brands that your friends, family, and co-workers all shop with daily. Since everyone needs to shop, and everyone also wants to have additional spending power, Fluz would be useful to anyone you know. 

Share your invite code with neighbors, classmates, or even strangers standing next to you at the checkout line so they can earn rewards too, they will all thank you later.