About us

About Jobnub, Inc.

Jobnub, Inc., a registered Delaware Incorporation is an online search engine for Jobs. Our service allows users (employers, recruiting agencies and jobseekers) to, among other things, post jobs for free and recruit through our platform, search and apply for jobs, upload resumes, search for resumes, sponsor jobs, advertise products, write reviews, as well as rate companies.

Jobnub, Inc. was born out of the passion to solve problems associated with the jobs search/recruitment industry. From our research we have identified some problems associated with the Jobs search /recruitment Industry such as Non-standardization of jobs titles and non- uniform categorization of jobs use by hiring companies while posting jobs in search engines, making searches inaccurate or misleading. Also, problems associated with traditional way of jobs search in which users type keywords on a search bar.

Secondly, Poor visibility of sponsored jobs ads: - Talented candidates are spread everywhere but oftentimes is hard for jobs sponsored by employers or recruiting agencies in one city to be seen by candidates in other cities e.g. A job sponsored in New York City in some of the so-called big jobs search engines cannot be seen in Texas or Massachusetts, etc. - limiting the visibility of those sponsored jobs to only candidates in New York and Vice-Versa. In other word, defeating the purpose of the sponsor (Paid ads jobs). Another problem identified was jobseekers often randomly apply for jobs that aren't a great fit.

Lastly, Old and poorly rudimentary Application Tracking System (ATS) use by companies to manage applicants and schedule interviews.

Finding the right candidates shouldn’t be hard as rock climbing neither finding the right job shouldn’t be Magical.

Our mission is to tackle the problems associated with the $200 billion jobs search / recruitment industry, make jobs search easy and accurate, less time consuming as well assist in putting jobseekers’ footstep on the door of employers for interview and land job offers and finally make hiring easy as well give jobs posted by employers and recruiting agencies “an excellent visibility”.

To achieve our mission, we are redefining and replacing traditional approach of jobs search use by jobs search engines with Hybrid approach using our 2stepclick Technology developed by our dedicated eclectic team.

Our Hybrid approach creates a vehicle for two set of jobseekers (those that want to continue in same career path and those that want to change a career path) to search for jobs with ease, spot a red flag for jobs that aren't a great fit, as well provides a clue to jobseekers on how to beat old and poorly rudimentary application tracking systems(ATS) use by hiring companies.

Jobnub, Inc. was founded by Charles Ogegere, an MBA (Finance) holder from University of Massachusetts Boston. Prior to founding the company, he has worked with State Street Corporation (Financial Institution) as a Financial reporting analyst. He equally founded Jodec Corporate Services in 2006 (A testing center for college students and oil and gas services company). Also Partner with Charles Ogegere is Osaremhen Onimenlen, a marketing specialist, earned his MBA from University of phoenix.