Social Media Director

Posted on: 23 May 2020

New York City, New York

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Social Media Director


Disruptive FinTech Start Up looking for Social Media Director Visa Sponsorship

Fluz is disrupting the global rewards and payments experience. We are a Fintech company sitting at the cross between social networks, payments and retail. We are a fast-moving company that has experienced rapid growth. Over the past year we launched our public beta cash back app that is blowing everyone else out of the water. We are growing at 30% MoM, with high virality (75% of new users being referred). We just broke 40,000 users in the first 100 days from launch.

Learn more at https://Fluz.app. We will sponsor H1B work Visas.

Fluz is focused on creating a community of leaders. Those leaders stay in the know about everything happening in the Fluz app and share with their individual communities. We are creating a culture that rewards users for sharing with their friends. Power users of Fluz do more than passively earn cash back on their purchases; they earn a full time income through the shopping of their communities. Power users are either social media influencers or local advocates sharing Fluz locally in their social circle.

We are looking for a strong candidate to help drive engagement within the Fluz community. The ideal candidate has experience on social media and community building. For candidates who are looking to really grow professionally, this is a great opportunity. You will be exposed to a wide assortment of various responsibilities and challenges. Were looking for someone who can inspire others and build community.


* Host live social events with leaders across various channels such as Instagram Live, Zoom, and LinkedIn Live
* Connect with leaders on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to keep them engaged with Fluz
* Train new leaders about the Fluz product and opportunity
* Operate CRM system to monitor ongoing engagement and lifetime value of existing users
* Work with leaders to build out communities of their own
* Take ownership of leadership success and engagement


* Comfortable going live on social media hosting events and
* Detail oriented and strong ability to follow up
* Experience with CRM tools such as HubSpot, Sales Force, PipeDrive, Monday, etc.
* Passion for digital marketing and communities
* Perseverant attitude to find creative solutions to problems
* Ability work on multiple projects simultaneously
* 2 5 years experience with a focus on previous startup work
* Driven and result oriented attitude


* Maurice Harary, Co-Founder. Maurice is one of Fluzs Co-Founders. He leads business development efforts and product view. A businessman at his core, he loves to build & grow companies. His personal hobby is building the Fluz company.
* Eric Johnson, Product Manager. Eric has been with Fluz since its inception. He has witnessed it evolve into everything it is today and has a clear vision of where the company will be going. He helps share that vision with all members of the team and implement the best user journey throughout the business.
* Andreas Antrup, Data and Marketing Advisor. Andreas brings experience from Zolando Europe where he functioned as Vice President of Data & Advertising. Zolando is the 2nd largest E-commerce company in Europe
* Michael Rosen, Marketing and Community Advisor. Michael Rosen brings experience from HerbaLife where he grew the business from $20 MM in annual revenue to $2 BN at his exit. He served as Executive VP of Marketing leading the community and global expansion.
* Che Pope, Culture and Influencer Advisor. Che is a Grammy award-winning American hip-hop producer. He also was the former president of G.O.O.D. Music, Kanye Wests music label.


New York, New York

What is Fluz?

Fluz is the newest, most revolutionary cash back app available. We took the standard cash back model in a fresh and distinct direction, and the result is a potent way to earn serious rewards compared to all of the other now obsolete cash back platforms.

With our proprietary consumer network, you not only earn from your own purchases, but from the purchases of others as well. Once you start forming a larger number of connections in the app, you can earn a residual income that can possibly have a significant impact on your financial standings, all while continuing to shop at the same places you shop at now.

Who is Fluz for?

Fluz is a cash back platform partnering with hundreds of major brands such as Target, Macy’s, Burger King, and thousands of local brands that your friends, family, and co-workers all shop with daily. Since everyone needs to shop, and everyone also wants to have additional spending power, Fluz would be useful to anyone you know. 

Share your invite code with neighbors, classmates, or even strangers standing next to you at the checkout line so they can earn rewards too, they will all thank you later. 

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